Ringing in a New Year!

Today we mark the end of a calendar year and celebrate the start of a new one. The promise of making plans for the weeks and months ahead are not exclusive to youth; in fact, the preciousness of time can make New Year’s even more poignant for mature celebrants. New Year’s Day is a time to set aside the negatives for a moment and look hopefully to the future. I wish for all my blog friends a special year.  As a New Year’s gift, I offer this hopeful and inspirational greeting written by my mother, Mary:

The bells of 2015 are chiming, calling us to celebrate! The joys of celebration are ageless: tiny children understand a birthday celebration, a wedding celebration, a Golden Anniversary celebration for their grandparents – all of us love to celebrate whether we're 5 or 75, healthy or infirm.  A NEW YEAR, 2015!  In our own way each of us will prepare for and celebrate the fresh opportunities of the first day of a brand new year. 

"Ring out the old, ring in the new

Ring happy bells across the snow

The Year is going – let it go;

Ring out false, ring in true."

Our 39th President, Jimmy Carter, when nearing his 70th birthday celebration, was asked by a journalist what his best years had been.  After a few moments, without hesitation, he answered: “Now is the best time of all.”    A poignant answer indeed!

 A NEW YEAR: 2015, NOW

Ring the bells of new resolves;

Ring in a more disciplined commitment to physical activity;

Ring in a new project, one you’ve procrastinated getting underway;

Ring in control of your time and how you spend it, each hour of each day.

Ring in new challenges, new interests, and renewed enjoyment of life.


You were always going to learn to snow-shoe or ski cross-country. Ring it in NOW, 2015 has arrived.

You want to know the names of the myriad gorgeous birds at the feeder?  Ring in a paperback bird book.

You were once intrigued with the idea of writing your own memory-lane book, or recording your dreams? Ring in a notebook, paper, pens... JUST DO IT... NOW!

You daydream about answering the lovely holiday cards you've received and those “what-I’ve-been-doing-all-year” letters from folks you love? Ring in a pad of stationery, a few envelopes, some stamps... just do it.

You once had a keen interest in Greek myths, early American history, or a particular type of music? Ring in a renewal of learning, searching out answers, listening again to the music that widens horizons, and expands the mind and spirit.

And how about that trip you dreamed of taking “someday”? Hesitate no longer! Ring the bell.

The MacArthur Foundation conducted an exhaustive study regarding successful aging, pointing to three indicators for success:

  1. Avoiding disease and disability;
  2. Maintaining mental and physical function; and,
  3. Continuing engagement with life.

FINALLY, ring in maintaining your close relationships in families and community;

Ring in the NOW, this present moment in time; may it be a time of growth in richness, fullness, satisfaction and unbelievable JOY!

“Ring out the shapes of foul disease,

Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;

Ring out the thousand wars of old;

Ring in a thousand years of PEACE.”    

(Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Happy New Year!