Preparing to age does not mean buying long-term care insurance or taking pills on time. It means becoming better aged versions of ourselves.
— Growing Bold: How to Enjoy Long Life

Getting older can be an opportunity to expand creativity and knowledge, and to foster loving relationships.  It can make you freer to become the kind of person you always wanted to be. But the personal growth and contentment of elder years depends on the attitude you take towards aging.

There‚Äôs no sense denying that aging brings unwanted changes, from gray hair to aching knees.  Denial of these declines will get you nowhere. Instead, you must prepare for later years by growing tougher, more open-minded, and continually recommitting to life. Most importantly, you must learn to notice, count, and value the treasures that maturity can bring.

Reject fear of growing old. Reject apathy over ageism. Reject the futile denial of mortality, and learn to love long life.